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Trust House provides a range of bespoke training to professionals working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Our staff have specialist knowledge and expertise from many years working with and supporting victims / survivors in this particular field.

We have organised a full day’s training workshop with sexualised trauma specialist, Zoe Lodrick, on Thursday 23rd May 2024 (10am – 4pm) at the Novotel Hotel (Reading, RG1 1DP)

To find out more about Zoe, her work and her training workshops, please visit her website:

Topic of training: Understanding and working therapeutically with survivors of sexualised trauma + with interpersonal psychological trauma

The workshop will include:

The neurobiology of threat
Why people do not usually react in ‘logical’ or ‘active’ ways when faced with intimate interpersonal threat; the impact of the lack of understanding of why the person did not behave ‘logically and actively’, on the individual him or herself (often resulting in guilt, shame and feelings of responsibility), and potentially on judgment from others (compounding the guilt and shame).

Vulnerability to repeat victimisation
Neurobiology will be used to explain how, once a person is interpersonally traumatised, they are very vulnerable to being targeted and traumatised again.

The potential impact of working with sexualised / psychological trauma (taking better care of ourselves)
Secondary and vicarious traumatisation; how to look after oneself, and colleagues, whilst being repeatedly exposed to traumatised people and adverse details of traumatic events.

Trauma symptomatology
The neurobiological underpinnings of trauma symptoms; suggestions for minimising such during disclosure.

The impact of significant threat on memory and recall
Basic brain science explaining types of memory and the fallibility of such; the impact of threat on how memory is encoded.

What is required from the practitioner / professional
What went ‘wrong’ (i.e. what ‘need(s)’ weren’t met) as a guide to understanding what is now ‘needed’; understanding that we cannot change what has happened. It already happened. We can impact what they will get from us now, and we can do our bit to safeguard for the future.

Tickets cost £60 including lunch and refreshments:

We also provide tailored online or in-person training to organisations and educational establishments in order to increase and improve their knowledge and understanding of the impact of rape and sexual abuse. Topics include: consent, criminal justice processes, the role of an ISVA, the impact of sexual trauma on survivors, stabilisation and safeguarding.  Please do contact us by email at if you have in mind a particular training topic related to sexual violence, but not listed above and we may be able to create a tailored training package for you.

Organisations we have provided training to in the past include NHS organisations, schools and the British Transport Police.

“Good to know signs of changes in behaviour for those who have been abused and when these changes might manifest themselves.”


“Thank you so much for the amazing presentation, the feedback was fantastic!”

– Named Midwife for Child Protection

“I wanted to thank you for Tuesday as this was really helpful to the team.”

– Victims First Specialist Service

“Informative and spot on”

– ISVA training with British Transport Police SSAIs (Specialist Sexual Assault Investigators)

“Extremely useful and informative and provided them with a clear understanding of the ISVA role”

– ISVA training with British Transport Police SOLOs (Sexual Offences Liaison Officers)

To discuss your training needs please email us on or call 0118 950 2835.

Our umbrella organisation, The Survivors Trust, also provides a range of accredited training programmes. To find out more, please visit their website:

The Survivors Trust

There’s no excuse for rape or sexual abuse. Please call the helpline on 0118 958 4033

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