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We are always incredibly grateful for any donations we receive which allow us to continue to support survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

You can donate to Trust House through our JustGiving page:



Thank you very much for your support.


Getting your organisation/school involved

Your specialist skills and unique position in the community can make a huge difference to the people we support.

Corporate organisation/business

If you’re looking for a charity or a specific cause to support or if your organisation has a ‘chosen charity’ then please consider Trust House. If you would like to donate funds and show your support in monetary terms then please go to our JustGiving page:


It could be that you would like to support us in a non-financial way, for example, we could give a home to some of your unwanted furniture or you may have a meeting space that you could offer for our use. Perhaps you would like to raise funds as an organisation for Trust House or maybe you have your own volunteering policy and would be open to giving your employees time to volunteer for us. There are so many ways to offer your support. Please contact so that we can discuss any suggestions you might have. We can let you know just how much your donation means to us and the impact it would have on our services.


We would like to arrange awareness sessions at schools, colleges and universities within the local area. It is essential that we raise the profile of Trust House and our services to everyone in the local area including young people. If this is something that is of particular interest to you and you would like to improve the education of young people about consent and healthy relationships, then please get in touch at

Help spread the word

You can be a champion of our cause by spreading the word about the work that we do and the services we provide. In order to reach everyone who needs us in the Thames Valley area we need you to help raise awareness in your local community. It could be by word of mouth and a chat over a cup of tea, by promoting one of our fundraising activities or by becoming a volunteer. Every, and any, way to spread the word is important to us and we thank you for your support.


We are a small local charity but with a large reach – our services cover the whole Thames Valley area to support people of all ages and all genders. Please help us to raise funds to support our services and ensure their sustainability.

If you would like to raise money on behalf of Trust House, we have some great ideas on organising your own fundraising event or challenge. Please see our list of inspiring ideas. If you are interested in helping us run our own fundraising activities as a volunteer then please get in touch by emailing

Your support makes a real difference and enables us to continue our valuable work.

There’s no excuse for rape or sexual abuse. Please call the helpline on 0118 958 4033

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