Helpline: 0118 958 4033


We only accept referrals from the Thames Valley (Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire) area. Please see map below.

If you would like to refer to a support centre outside of this area, please visit The Survivors Trust website for further information: Find Specialist Support in your Area | The Survivors Trust

If you would like to access any of our services, please complete and submit the form below. Alternatively, you can download and complete our Trust House Referral Form and email it to: We accept self-referrals and third-party referrals. All of our services are completely free, confidential, non-judgemental and non-directive.

Please note, it is important for as much information as possible to be completed so that we can allocate you the most appropriate support. We will be required to get in touch with you to get more details resulting from a lack of information, e.g. blank sections or N/A answers to sections relevant to your referral.

Additionally, please be advised we are unable to accept payment to fast track referrals.

Whilst waiting to access our services, you are welcome to phone our helpline for emotional support and guidance. Please call 0118 958 4033 or email:


There’s no excuse for rape or sexual abuse. Please call the helpline on 0118 958 4033

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