Helpline: 0118 958 4033

Counselling for Adults

The adult counselling service offers counselling to people impacted by rape and historic sexual abuse, for an initial 12 sessions, with the possibility of an extension. All of our counsellors have undergone extensive training to work specifically with issues around rape and sexual violence.

The sessions are confidential and take place weekly in person in a safe and private setting or online.

Support Groups

We also provide support groups (male support groups, female support groups and mixed groups) which give survivors an opportunity to listen to, and support, each other in a safe and confidential environment. These groups are facilitated by the Lead Counsellor and a qualified counsellor and run fortnightly at our office in Reading. There are usually approximately 6 participants, all of whom have previously gone through one-to-one counselling at Trust House or a similar agency.

The feedback from these groups has been extremely positive:

“I feel that both the facilitators, and the other group members, were great listeners, and that the group was a good space to share feelings and experiences.”

If you would like to access our counselling service, please call our helpline on 0118 9584033, email or complete our referral form using the button below.

Referral form

There’s no excuse for rape or sexual abuse. Please call the helpline on 0118 958 4033

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