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Case study

Fred is 7 years old. He has a history of neglect in the care of his mother and had experienced several adverse childhood experiences. His elder sister aged 9 years made an allegation of sexual harm against her mother’s partner. Fred and his sister Molly were removed from his mother’s care and placed with his father 4 years ago.
In the family home is the father, Jon, his partner Jenny and their children Tim aged 6 years and Jim aged 2 years. The family were living in very cramped conditions at the time of the referral and all the children except the youngest were sharing a room.

Fred and Molly had overnight contact every weekend with their mother.

Fred was described as having anger outbursts both at home and at school and was not managing to access the curriculum as well as he could. He expressed hating himself and expressed that he was useless. Anger outbursts and self- loathing were said to be worse before and after contact with mother and also when she failed to arrive to collect them, which happened fairly regularly. Fred was subject to a Child Protection Plan.

A therapist at Trust House worked with the parents and a separate therapist worked with Fred. The therapist helped Jon and Jenny to understand the world through Fred’s eyes – that he had no trust in Mother figures and that being a step-parent, was really hard for Jenny.

Techniques were explored to help Jenny and Jon to manage Fred’s behaviours and reduce the impact that this was having on their couple relationship. It was agreed that contact with the mother should be reduced to alternate weekends with the Social Worker’s agreement.

Both therapists wrote to the Housing Association to support the need for a move and during the intervention the family moved to more appropriate accommodation, which reduced family stress generally.

In play therapy Fred explored his feelings about what had happened to him and about his relationship with his mother and was able to express that he did not always want to go to see his mother. This was accepted by Jon and Jenny and Fred’s anger outbursts have reduced in frequency and length.

Currently still ongoing, the family is already more functional and Fred’s attainments at school have improved, as have his social relationships.

There’s no excuse for rape or sexual abuse. Please call the helpline on 0118 958 4033

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